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Yoast SEO Is Coming to Drupal Sites

Yoast SEO Is Coming to Drupal Sites

Yoast SEO, the best known and most commonly used SEO plugin for WordPress, has announced it will be crossing over to the dark side and launching a Drupal version by the end of the month.

While Web design can sometimes be looked at as art, in the real world, you’ll be surprised of how very, very few people care about design and how almost all care about SEO.

Proper SEO support is actually one of the primary reasons why the WordPress platform has managed to outdo its competition, and Yoast SEO, along with a few other plugins, has seriously contributed to WordPress’ success.

By simplifying the once complex and laborious operations needed to make a website SEO-friendly, the Yoast SEO plugin, which was once known as WordPress SEO by Yoast and a few other names, has now become a community favorite.

Actually, it’s not a community favorite, it’s “the community favorite,” with well over 1 million active installs.

Yoast SEO for Drupal will be announced at DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona

Trying to take advantage of their huge success in the WordPress ecosystem, the Yoast team, together with GoalGorilla, have announced the first version of their plugin for the Drupal platform.

The Yoast SEO for Drupal plugin will be available starting with September 23, 2015, following the DrupalCon conference, and its initial version will target Drupal 7.x.

Drupal 8.x is near completion itself, and even if not confirmed, a version for Drupal 8.x seems obvious. Softpedia has reached out to Yoast to confirm this information and we’ll update the article as soon as we hear back.

According to the team’s official announcement, the Drupal module will be a complete rewrite of the WordPress plugin, molding on the fine edges that make the Drupal CMS so powerful, and will also feature Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis platform.

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